Pet Toys and Bandanas

This fun braided tennis ball pet toy will provide hours of fun for you and your furry one.What dog doesn’t love a fun game of tug of war or fetch? Our pet toys are made of strong material and tightly braided for strength and durability. These colorful TWE creations are great for dogs big and small and will keep even the laziest dog active.

Yellow Daffodil sells a variety of dog bandanas, including a starry fourth of July print. Do you love to dress up your furry friend? If so, be sure to check out our extensive collection of handmade dog bandanas, also made by the staff of TWE. Our bandanas come in two different sizes and are cut and sewn by hand. From holiday and seasonal prints to everyday wear, your dog will always be in style.

All of our pet items are available for sale at Yellow Daffodil at Woods, Yellow Daffodil at Pine Watson and the Yellow Daffodil kiosk at the Oxford Valley Mall (October-May).



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